[caption id="attachment_105" align="alignnone" width="169"] Lauren Glennon, LawCo Founder[/caption]

LawCo is a Chicago based company that has created a mobile app iOS and Android that connects lawyers with app users in need of immediate representation. Created and founded by Chicago native, lawyer Lauren Glennon, the app provides lawyers a new method of lead generation. It also provides people with access to qualified lawyers in Cook County in a simple, streamlined way.


What is LawCo?

A legal app that connects lawyers and leads.

A legal app that provides legal representation for all.

Available exclusively in Cook County, IL.

Are you a lawyer looking for more leads?

Download LawCo and connect with leads.

Need a Lawyer?

Download LawCo and connect with a lawyer.

Are you a lawyer?

Download the app, it's easy to use...but if you have questions email